Centrifugal Pumps

WaterTec sells a variety of centrifugal pumps including the BERKELEY Type B-Series models and Cornell W-Series pumps. These are designed for the user who has a separate power source suitable for driving through couplings or with belts. Ideal for applications requiring high performance. Moderate initial cost and easy maintenance.

Centrifugal Pumps


  • Volute Case Incorporates Precise Geometric Design for Increased Hydraulic Efficiency
  • Thick-Walled Close-Grained Cast Iron to Handle the Stresses of Everyday Use
  • Back Pull-Out Design Allows Easy Removal And Service Without Disturbing Piping Connections
  • Enclosed Impeller Designed and Machined to Optimize Performance and Operating Efficiencies
  • Discharge May Be Rotated To Any of Four Positions for Piping Convenience
  • Various mounting configurations available, including close coupled, frame mounted, and engine-mounted


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Berkeley Pumps – Type-B

Berkeley delivers high-performance pumps for irrigation, turf, agriculture, dewatering, construction, municipal and industrial applications. Our professionally engineered, high-quality Type-B centrifugal pumps are specifically designed to provide you years of trouble-free, efficient operation.

SAE Engine Mount

Available as pump ends for mounting engines with SAE standard flywheel housings, this design is ideal for applications where electricity is not readily available.

Closed-Coupled Motor Drive

The unique back pullout design allows access to the impeller without disturbing the piping. These pumps are ideal for applications requiring high performance and easy maintenance.

Frame Mount

Designed for the user who has a separate power source suitable for driving through couplings or belts, these pumps deliver quality construction and performance that your application demands.

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