Wireless Controllers

Wireless Controllers

With large or remote sites requiring valve or pump activation, wireless control systems are the best choice. These systems allow remote activation and monitoring of valves, pumps, and virtually any other equipment.

Nelson TWIG Wireless Controllers B


  • Eliminates in-ground or above ground wiring
  • Reduced potential for lightning damage
  • Eliminates rodent damage to wiring
  • Easily expandable simply by adding more TWIG units
  • Solar option available where there is no power
  • Makes it possible to easily automate portable and mobile systems

While many control systems on the market target total system management and data collection, the TWIG wireless control system is specifically targeted at automation of the water control valve and pump.  The sole purpose of the TWIG system is to wirelessly and automatically cycle through a series of water control valves in a programmed sequence.  The TWIG system is sophisticated, yet engineered for simplicity.

Nelson TWIG Contact Controller D

Allows the TD200 to open and close contacts on up to four devices.


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  • Four remotely controlled relay contacts
  • Contacts rated at one amp maximum current
  • Power source: Two D-cell batteries, good for one full year
  • TWIG contacts require an external antenna

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