Nelson 1000 Series Control Valve

As a hydraulically operated sleeve-type valve, the 1000 series control valve is designed for versatility and efficiency.  The valve is engineered for high flow and low pressure loss, with the ability to handle difficult water conditions.

Nelson 1000 Series Control Valve


  • Simple, reliable design with molded plastic body and internal cage, with a heavy rubber flow sleeve
  • Easily serviced and maintained
  • Slow to open and close, limiting water hammer on high flow rates
  • Manual on-off-auto valve on each model
  • Available in 2” and 3” sizes body sizes
  • Mounting options include flange, wafer, NPT, BST, Victaulic in 1.25” through 4” sizes
  • Can be ordered for inline, angle, or tee mount.
  • Flow capacities up to 600 GPM
  • Can be equipped with a pressure control to maintain upstream or downstream pressure.
  • Can be mounted directly to SR75, SR100, and SR150 Big Gun sprinklers

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